Fred & Paul: Wedding Highlights from Dumbarton House

Fred & Paul came to me by way of referral from one of my awesome previous clients, Kat. Although they were half a world away (in France and Thailand!) I knew we had hit it off via emails and over the phone when Paul said “we want it to be all about love and joy and happiness!” Basically, they defined the word Lovesome!

Their wedding day arrived and was beautiful. The awful weather we had been having in DC had cleared and blue skies covered the guest who arrived from near and far. Dumbarton House‘s garden was the prefect setting for their (tearjerking) vows and the patio and gardens were filled with laughter and love of their guests as the celebrated the rest of the night.  Their coordinator Denise Tighe, delicious catering by Eleven Courses, cake & flowers from Whole Foods, and music from Premier Entertainment all worked to make the evening perfect.  Check out some of the highlights in the slideshow below!

Hannah & Jeff's Reston Town Center Engagement

I don’t have enough good things to say about these two! So kind, so funny, so sweet…their engagement session was a blast to photograph. I didn’t hurt that it was in my back yard of Reston Town Center, either! The session started out great and I even got to photograph them with their puppy, Harper, who is a bag full of adorable and then some. RTC was where they first met so it’s full circle for them coming back at their engagement. After we’d gone around the town center, we decided to head to the woods in my neighborhood just across the street, for a little more of a nature feel. We knew we were running a tight timeline against Mother Nature and a storm front coming in but we didn’t know HOW tight. Within 5 minutes it went from bright and sunny to dark and forboding. I took a look up at the sky and saw THE most amazing cloud line with the storm front and quickly directed them to the perfect spot. As they walked it began to rain. Within the 10 seconds it took to get the photo it had started down into a FULL DOWNPOUR! They were such good sports about it. We all (me, them, Harper, and their friend who was there to help with Harper) made a fully mad dash sprint for the safety of my garage, but not before we were all soaked! Being as awesome as they are, they laughed it off and now it’s a great story to tell along with the amazing storm front photo (that everyone thinks is totally photoshopped but isn’t). I owe these guys a drink after all that! I can’t wait until their wedding this Spring.

Pikes Peak Wedding Portraits

I had such an amazing time photographing Faith & Daniel’s wedding portraits set against the gorgeous backdrop of Pike’s Peak.

DC Tidal Basin Surprise Engagement

I met these two love birds after their surpise engagement that morning. That’s right. JD planned and coordinated with his family to surprise Leah with the proposal of a lifetime, followed by engagement photos to capture the moment, and then on to a surprise party with their closest family and friends in her honor! The spring cherry blossoms couldn’t have put on a better show for us and were the perfect backdrop to his romantic gesture. We had the best time walking around the tidal basin for our photo session. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for them!

Veterans Day Wedding at Stone Tower Winery

Judy and Joe decided to tie the knot on Veterans Day at one of my FAVORITE places, Stone Tower Winery. It was a gorgeous day, albeit a teeeeeeny bit blustery. They had a beautiful first look among the vines and then we had a great photo session around the stunning grounds of Stone Tower. I loved Judy’s bouquet which was made of ornamental pins that all the women in her life gave to her. Such a special idea!  After their portraits, it was into the tank room for their touching ceremony. Their happiness and joy at dedicating the rest of their lives to eachother and eachother’s families was beautiful. They celebrated the rest of the evening in Stone Tower’s Harvest Barn loft.