Floral Explosion at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

As I’m sitting here getting pounded with snow (more than 3 feet in the last day-ish) I can’t help but think back to one of my favorite Spring weddings ever! Sophie & Tyrone came to me through Leanne of Jewell Event Design and they told me their vision was a crazy floral explosion.


I’d never done a wedding with that sort of theme and I loved how they described how they just want to have fun with it. They wanted their guests to show up in nontraditional wedding wear—complete with whatever floral pattern they wanted. They wanted colors and vibrancy to take over the evening. I had no idea how they were going to pull it off, but I was certainly down for taking some fun, vibrant photos of it!

Well pull it off they did! Between Jewel Event Design and Sabia of The Painted Primrose and their helpers, they created a wild, awesome floral wonderland! The Denver Museum of Nature and Science was an awesome backdrop to support all the colors. It was so modern and the flowers so organic, it really just…well…it worked! Mother Nature also delivered with all of the blossoming trees as well.

The whole wedding day was so unique. The rooftop ceremony was absolutely stunning overlooking Denver and the front range and the reception was off the charts fun with a huge dance party and the evening complete with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream by special delivery from Tyrone’s dad, Jerry himself!

Check out the photos below and leave Sophie & Tyrone some love in the comments!

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