Kristin & Peter's Camp Hale Wedding

Kristin & Peter’s wedding was one for the history books, for sure! The day started out beautifully while they both got ready in the always stunning Vail village. We then headed up the pass to historic Camp Hale for the rest of the day’s festivities. Everyone was excited to watch their first look and take some photos as rainstorms were approaching FAST on the radar. If you know Colorado, you know that storms can strike quickly, especiallly at 10,000 feet in the middle of the gorgeous Rocky Mountains!

We had a blast with photos. Kristin and Peter have a beautiful, sweet kind of love that you can just tell by looking at them runs deep and true. With their friendship starting back in school at Colorado College and growing into real love over the years, they’ve formed an amazing bond that’s carried them all over the country. As a photographer, I had a great time exploring Camp Hale and photographing them all over. Everywhere you look is another beautiful view. Add two cute lovebirds and my job was bliss!

As we finished up photos with their (awesome) bridal party, it started to rain. We all ran for cover in the cabins and thankfully, the skies dried up as we approached ceremony time. Guests made the walk over the bridge to the little island where the ceremony would take place and anxiously awaited the start of the ceremony. The music started, the bridal party headed for the aisle and BOOM! Thunder. Rain. Wind.

In true Colorado style (after the initial squeals and shrieks from the guests) everyone grabbed their umbrellas and jackets and just laughed as the ceremony kept going! Later, I heard that despite being apart while staging for the ceremony, with heavy clounds looming overhead, both Peter & Kristin said “let’s do this!” when given the option to wait or move it indoors.

Although I’ve photographed many forms of crazy weather during a ceremony, this was a first of this kind of storm. Sideways rain. Wind so bad umbrellas were breaking everywhere. Thunder. Mother Nature was putting on quite a show! Plus, I got to practice my skills of holding  golf umbrella between my neck and shoulder while shooting, so that’s a new skill to add to the resume! Ha ha!

Peter & Kristin didn’t shy away from it one bit. They didn’t shorten their ceremony. They didn’t complain or cry like I often see happen with inclement weather situations. They laughed and smiled, took it all in, and joked about how this was one for the history books. It’s that kind of attitude that I admire and will certainly carry them far in their life together. It was a beautiful moment to watch them, happy through it all, surrounded by friends and family (also happy and laughing through it all).

It rained off and on the rest of the night but that didn’t stop anyone from having a blast. This crew knows how to party! Also…small, little known fact, Kristin is quite the performer. She grabbed the mic and serenaded the crowd with a cover of Salt-n-Peppa’s “Shoop”. It was awesome.

We ended the night with a fun photoshoot in the couple’s camper van. It’s a beloved part of their lives and at the wedding (when it wasn’t raining!) It functioned as a fun selfie booth. I was so happy the skies had cleared and some stars had come out for the grand finale.

Take a peek at the rest of the photos below and leave them some love in the comments!

Vendor Roll Call:

Planner: The Day Of

Venue: Camp Hale Weddings

Hair & Makeup: Breck Chopping Block

Floral: Reverie Floral

DJ: TH Entertainment

Catering: Vail Catering Concepts

Rentals: Alpine Party Rentals

Dessert: Rolling Pin Bake Shop

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