2013: Year in Review

Hello all you lovely people out there! It’s about time I get my butt back in gear wouldn’t you say?!

Last year I made a resolution to blog more. I had hoped to blog every week. Well, that ended up as a big fat FAIL on my end. I realized last week that I hadn’t blogged in months (shame on me)! So I set about pulling all my favorites from each wedding and ended up with, literally, over 1,000 images. How could I keep these amazing nuggets of visual bliss from you?! Well, I tell you, it wasn’t intentional. However, a wedding photographers life is such that January-April consists of slow down time; May-July consists of a happily buzzing pace; and August - December consists of TOTAL MAYHEM. In the last 5 months of the year I truthfully only had 2 days off (other than the week I landed myself in the hospital needing emergency surgery). But that is no excuse! I will do better in 2014!

Looking back, 2013 was an absolutely amazing year. We had an incredible diversity in weddings from mod hotel weddings to rustic outdoor celebrations, our clients gave us so many incredible opportunites I don’t have enough words to thank them. Take a peek below at what is just the tip of the iceberg from last year.



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